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Ibrahimovic: Mancini Suitable For Manchester City


Many rumors if management decisions Manchester City appoint Roberto Mancini as coach to replace Mark Hughes got a rejection from the internal team. Issue, some players could boycott.

But for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manchester City's need figures like Mancini. Barcelona's striker Mancini rate can change manchester City into a respected team.

"I think Manchester City have to understand they can not be Barcelona or Inter Milan overnight. It only takes a lot, but also the right person to handle the team," said Ibrahimovic told People quoted Il Corriere dello Sport on Monday (28 / 12).

"Mancini will change the mentality of the club because he is a good coach, and players must be aware of in the near future."

"Only a good coach who can handle a great player. If they see a weak coach, who had never handled a large team, they can take advantage of it."

"It is not respecting Mark Hughes, but Manchester City need a coach who knows how to change the team mediocre to great," he said Ibrahimovic.

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Messi wants New Challenges


Lionel Messi submit the resolution for the year 2010. Barcelona star who brings his team successfully won six championships this year, as well as carrying herself as the best player of Europe and the world that wants to carve out a higher performance again.

"My hope for 2010 is to continue winning the title with Barcelona. To be honest, I never tired or even exhausted mind to be a champion," said Messi told Sport, Monday (28/12).

"Personally, not much more can I ask for this year. Needless to say, I want to continue to develop myself as a footballer, because I was one person who thinks there is room to develop themselves."

"I like new challenges, although I have to appreciate how spectacular this year," he explained.

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Mourinho praised Guardiola


Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho is secretly a huge fan of Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. The Special One claimed to strongly support that Guardiola could sign a contract any longer with Barca.

"I expect Pep Guardiola could survive as Barcelona coach any longer," said Mourinho.

Mourinho's statement was born because until now Guardiola was still not updated his contract with Real Madrid - the club who have won six titles diantarkannya differ in one year.

"I saw that Guardiola is able to understand very well how to adapt the culture of Madrid and of course the best coach for the team," he said.

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